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Founded by Anita Gunther in 2022, Gunther Architecture is a full-service, interdisciplinary architecture and design practice based in Calgary, AB. The practice brings over 20 years of experience leading and delivering innovative design solutions to architecture and interior projects for our residential and commercial clients.


We are a small-sized studio who are believers in collaboration and strategic partnership. We see our clients as partners in our process. We work in a diverse range of project types and in all scales of architecture and design. We believe design has the power to impact how we live, work and learn. Process is key to the outcome of our projects. The process reveals opportunities and turns unexpected ideas into reality intrinsically bringing the greatest value to our clients.


Our work is founded on establishing a vision for every project. We seek out the unexpected and discover opportunities that have a positive impact on the built environment and its inhabitants. We refine all ideas, so the concept becomes its purest form in every aspect of the project.


Residential (single family and low-rise multi-family)




Master Planning



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