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This renovation of an existing 1948 house set out to achieve functionality and simplicity for a young family where food and entertaining are at the forefront of their lives. The reconfiguration of the plan moved the kitchen to the front of the house providing adjacency to the living room, connection to the street and the utilization of natural light. The existing windows located on all four corners of the house are celebrated and intentionally tied to the use of each room within the new simplified plan.


The conceptual placement of a walnut service block through the middle of the house not only becomes an elemental feature and delineation of space but provides several functional elements within. The block contains storage and service space for the kitchen, provides a threshold to the formal dining room, and accommodates an entry closet and louvers to screen the dining room from the foyer and living room. Walnut louvers are used again, at a 30-degree angle, to screen the living room from the foyer and better control privacy for arriving guests. Oak floors and brass accents are used throughout the project to pay homage to the original finishes and details within the house. 

YEAR 2021


AREA 246 sq.m

PHOTOS Kokemor Studio

CONSTRUCTION Conroy Custom Homes

work previously completed by Gunther Kaun Architects*

*now dissolved

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