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The primary objective of the project was to provide a functional yet innovative office design solution for a North American energy trading firm. The challenge was to provide a design that could accommodate future growth and expansion at a new headquarters located in a high-rise building in downtown Calgary.


The solution was a modular system that could fit within any standard office floor plate. The final product, known as the 'machine for trading', was designed to respond to growth while also facilitating communication amongst the team and enhancing the work environment. 


YEAR 2019


AREA 375 sq.m

PHOTOS Jamie Anholt


work previously completed by Gunther Kaun Architects*

*now dissolved

The portal is an architectural threshold that defines the transition to and from the trade floor.

A trade station module is developed through the design of a kit of parts. The parts are designed to interlock together forming a module with two back-to-back trade stations.

The two-station modules are stacked together to form the trade floor known as the 'machine for trading'. 

The product utilizes seven modules to create fourteen stations and can be expanded over time to accommodate twenty stations.

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